Local Issues

Local Issues

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I want to listen to the concerns of New Yorkers in order to best serve their needs.  There are several issues affecting this district that deserve attention.  First, I oppose the location of the 91st Street Marine Transfer Station.  Placing this facility next to Asphalt Green puts toxic waste next to schoolchildren, apartment communities, and parks.  It should be relocated.  Second, I want to expand the New York City Girls’ Project and New York’s Real Cost of Teen Pregnancy Initiative.  These respective programs build up our community by encouraging our young women to grow in self-esteem and make good life choices.  Our children need to understand that we value them for who they are and the gifts they have.

The progressive improvement of New York’s public transportation system is a priority for me.  I remember how painful it was for my disabled brother to be denied access to transportation and buildings.  First, I will advocate to ensure every express subway stop is handicapped-accessible and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Second, I advocate improving the G Train to provide more frequent and reliable service.  Third, I support the expansion of the East River Ferry service to Roosevelt Island and the Upper East Side.  The proper management of mass transit is vital to maintaining an affordable cost of living for New Yorkers.

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